Wake-Up Your Psychic-Soul Life & Create Your Next Step! TC1 (Class 1 of 4 in this Round)

Saturday, September 19, 2020A Remote 4-TeleClass Mini-Retreat Workshop at Home


Our Burlington, Vermont - September 19 & 20 Weekend Seminar  
is Now Going to be Given via Maestro Conference & Zoom
(We will not give this event in-person, in Burlington)


Wake-Up Your Psychic-Soul Life
& Create Your Next Step!


Michael J Tamura

World-Renown Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Visionary, Author of YOU ARE THE ANSWER & Co-Host of Living The Miracle Radio

+ PLUS +

Post-Class Zoom Q&A, Talk-Story & Social
with Michael & Raphaelle

[Optional Free Zoom Event for TeleClass Participants]
Sunday, September 20 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Pacific / 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern

Michael and Raphaelle

TeleClass #1
(Class 1 of 4 in this Round)

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Pacific
11 AM - 1 PM Eastern 

Get Inspired!
Psychic Tools to Wake-Up to Spirit & Get Yourself Going

Michael's Write-Up

Who May Attend: This event is Open to Everyone and of course, if you are in SHAPE we warmly invite you as well and in fact encourage you to attend. This four-part series is taking the place of our regular Vermont weekend event at a great price - remember, you don't have to travel further than your phone or computer and you will get MP3 download recordings of each TeleClass you purchase after the class is over.

Costs for this exceptional TeleClass Series: $75 each if purchasing individual classes *You may attend as many or as few of these classes as you like but of course, for best benefit we always recommend you take all four classes (or purchase all four to receive the recordings of the ones you cannot attend in-person). The price of this event is $275 if you purchase all four TeleClasses of this four-part series - a $25 discount (Regular price, $300). If you cannot attend one or more of them, the cost of the download recording of them afterward is the same price.

SHAPE people will get an additional $25 discount if they purchase all four classes bringing the price to $250 for all four.  Otherwise, if only individual teleclasses are purchased by a SHAPE person, there is no SHAPE discount.

Price: 75.00 for Each Class, $275 if you purchase all four classes (a $25 discount) and $250 for SHAPE Members if all four TeleClasses are purchased together.

Register: Order through the website or call our office at (530) 926-2650 during regular business hours (California Time) to register.  Call Noel if you are a SHAPE couple buying the series together.

Price : $ 75.00