December 2018

Saturay, December 29, 2018SHAPE TeleClasses

Living the Miracle, One Reading at a Time: The SHAPE Clairvoyant Reading Skills PracticumWith Michael & Raphaelle Tamura

Michael and Raphaelle

TeleClass #56
(Class 7 of 7 in this Round)

1:00 PM - 3:30 PM Pacific

Who May Attend: This series is open to all members of SHAPE in good standing with us. There are others not already in SHAPE who may also qualify to attend, so if interested, please click on "More Information" to find out if that is you.

Cost: $70 each. Please see "Cost" within the "More Information" link regarding discount pricing.

Register: Order through the website or call our office at (530) 926-2650 during regular business hours (California Time) to register.

Price : $ 70.00