What We Do: Seminars, Courses and Retreats

Our teaching is about you – your soul, your path, your healing, your clairvoyance and your growth. We offer the opportunity, guidance and tools to experience these things directly, clearing the way for you to fully incarnate and embrace your soul’s purpose. As a result, we’ve created a “spiritual community without walls” that stretches around the world. Our events offer a safe space that fosters awakening and growth in the individual, but also a shared spirit of wonderment and joy.

Classes are available through Weekend Seminars, Workshops, one-time TeleSeminar Specials, longer Multi-TeleClass and Seminar Courses, Audio Download Self-Study Classes, and 3-Day Retreat Intensives. We are always developing new events, but here are our current offerings.

Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose Course
(Available as an Audio Download Self-Study and Practice Course)

This course is offered in six progressive levels of study and practice. Each level includes multiple two-hour TeleClasses, along with a required number of in-person Weekend Seminars.

For the dedicated, sensitive and awakening souls who are here to help usher in a new world, this learning community can be an oasis of experience, growth and camaraderie. In this comprehensive course of spiritual study and practice, we help you find your soul’s purpose and blaze the trail for all wishing to shift from living a body-based intellectual life to living a spirit-centered intuitive one.

Click HERE to read a message from Michael Tamura about this course.

SHAPE Clairvoyant Reading, Healing & Deprogramming Mastery Course
Look Wisely, See Clearly, Speak Kindly, Heal Deeply, Live Magically
(Will be available soon as an Audio Download Self-Study and Practice Course after the “Live” Classes – 24 TeleClasses, three Weekend Intensive)

Can we truly bring forth a new vision for our life and the world if we don’t live magically? This series will help you more easily access your own present-day mystic abilities – clarity, certainty, communication, compassion and creativity – to help heal yourself and others. We will explore how to much more deeply uncover the sources of fear and pain to expand and deepen your clairvoyant reading, healing and deprogramming abilities. Click HERE for a more detailed description.

This course, or any part, is available to any SHAPE-qualified clairvoyant or AHA! Program graduate in good standing. Click HERE for a message from Michael about this course.

All-Day Seminars
Michael and Raphaelle hold all-day and weekend seminars around the globe, most often in Novato, San Rafael, Los Angeles and Mount Shasta, CA, but annually in cities across the nation like, Boulder, Chicago, and Burlington as well as in Europe. Each offers an experience focused on one aspect of spirituality, and most are open to the general public. Please take a look at our events listing for all of their upcoming seminars.

Click HERE for a full list of upcoming day-long seminars and registration

Audio Downloads
Many classes are available through audio download. Go to the Seraphim Store to find out what’s available now.