Info on the Shape Reading Mastery Course

SHAPE Clairvoyant Reading, Healing & Deprogramming Mastery Course Look Wisely, See Clearly, Speak Kindly, Heal Deeply, Live Magically February 26, 2013 - October 11, 2013
    Dear SHAPE Community and Graduates of Clairvoyant and AHA Programs, Greetings of gratitude, love, and laughter to each and every one of you on this glorious morning in Mount Shasta. “And, oh, Auntie Em - there’s no place like home!” It’s nice to be home for more than 36 hours at a time. That’s been our “turn-around” time in between each of our four trips this past month to Novato, Phoenix, Longmont, and Los Angeles that included a drive to Sacramento and back each time for us to catch our flight. That’s what we mountain folk have to do to get around. During months like these, I keep hearing a slightly tweaked version of the recurring airport curbside announcement: “Your life is a loading and unloading zone only. Do not leave your body unattended or it will be towed.” Yes, as much as I love to travel, it’s a wonderful luxury to be home, in one place, for more than a few days.  

For one thing, we can actually get a few things done. Like finish developing a brand new comprehensive SHAPE Course for you. As you may have heard, it’s been in the works for a few years. (Of course, aside from my worldly travels keeping me busy, we’ve had more than my share of other-worldly travels, and their longer-term side-effects, occupying a bit of Raphaelle’s and my attention, too! Yet, the great news is that I’m incorporating into this course some of what I’ve experienced and learned in the various celestial realms and from the masters who teach in them.) Our prayer is that this special new SHAPE Course would help illuminate your path even more as a clairvoyant, a healer, a guide, and/or a teacher by exploring with you our uncharted inner frontiers where most people can’t imagine ever going - even most psychics.    

I’ve described the overall program in the title as the SHAPE Clairvoyant Reading, Healing & Deprogramming Mastery Course. This course is not for the beginning student currently going through a clairvoyant program. This is meant to take you much further along your clairvoyant adventure once you have the basics under your aura belt. It is specifically designed with you, the graduate clairvoyant/healer, in mind. However, as long as you have a good foundation in the basics that you’ve learned in your clairvoyant training, you can be a recent graduate of a qualified program, a long-term practicing graduate, or a teacher or director of such a clairvoyant program. Any of you who have already been participating in our various SHAPE intensives and teleclasses are already qualified.  

The second half of the title to this course may give you more of the feel of the various aspects of your clairvoyant development and practice that we’ll be addressing: Look Wisely, See Clearly, Speak Kindly, Heal Deeply, Live Magically. Yes, Do You Believe in Magic? (In fact, that’ll be part of the theme for our June SHAPE Mount Shasta Retreat Intensive this year.) We’ve had the theme of “Living the Miracle” in its various aspects now for several years. If you’ll recall, we’ve set this year’s theme as, Living the Miracle: Bringing Forth a New Vision. Can we truly bring forth a new vision for our life and the world in which we live to live the miracle, if we didn’t live magically? And, living magically means accessing the miracle that is always within us more and more each day. When we look around at the world we live in, when we look at the human being - or dog, cat, horse, or dolphin being - that sits in front of us for a reading or merely passing by us, are we gazing upon them from a space full of neutrality and wisdom or from a place of habit and unconsciousness? When we see clairvoyantly or physically, on any level, are we seeing whatever we are seeing with clarity and certainty? As we communicate to others what we are experiencing, do we do so with true compassion and kindness? Are we ready to explore much more deeply to discover the source of the problem in helping to heal ourselves or others? And, when we do discover it, do we use our discovery for the purpose of forgiveness or as a weapon for blame and judgment? Of course, an attempt to “fix” the problem is not a true healing.  

On the one hand, this course is dedicated to helping you expand, deepen, and further your clairvoyant reading, healing, and deprogramming abilities so that you may gain much more mastery of them. On the other hand, it will offer you guidance in your actual practice as a clairvoyant reader, healer, counselor, and teacher that you may be able to utilize your clairvoyance and other spiritual gifts in developing more as a present-day mystic who knows how to live magically. As for the course curriculum, below is a brief outline of the in-depth subject areas that will be offered through the 24 two-hour SHAPE TeleClasses along with two whole SHAPE Novato Weekend Intensives, and the June SHAPE Mount Shasta Retreat, which all make up the complete course! I highly recommend any of you truly interested in stepping up your clairvoyant abilities and healing work and in learning to live even more magically, to give yourself the whole course. Each class, seminar weekend, and the retreat, however, will be open to any SHAPE-qualified clairvoyant or AHA! program graduate for enrollment as stand-alone events as well. (Please read Raphaelle’s instructions elsewhere about how to sign-up and the great discounts available if you pre-pay for the complete course or for Part 1 [first half] and for Part 2 [second half].) Are you ready to Live the Miracle even more, Bring Forth a New (Clairvoyant) Vision, and Learn to Live a Magical Life this year? I’m sure you are! So, let’s get the show on the road - well, mostly on the phone, and a bit on the road. We’re looking forward to “seeing” you on the phone once a week after our opening double-header on Tuesday, February 26 and Wednesday, February 27 at 6 PM - 8 PM PST each evening to launch this brand new SHAPE Course together. Of course, we’re looking forward as well to seeing you in-person at our March 23-24 Novato SHAPE Weekend Intensive. Let the magic begin! May the Loving Grace of the Limitless line your path with sparkling jewels of wisdom and compassion that you may safely and joyously navigate through this maze we call life.

With much love and laughter,