What We Do: Our Vision, Work and Company

A Vision of Awakening Souls

In the Spring of 1953, when my mother was pregnant with me, a young college student in Japan climbed over a fence, ran up to her and said, “I need to give your baby a card reading!” Studying the spread, he proceeded to tell her, “Your baby is a strong, healthy boy. He will grow up to be a spiritual teacher and healer, travel all over the world, and teach and heal many, many people.” That was to remind my mother. I knew coming into this world that I was here to teach, heal and awaken souls.

As young as five years old, Raphaelle had a recurring dream. In it her guide appeared to her and amongst the many things he said and showed her, he told her that she had lived many times before and that she would grow up to be a spiritual teacher this time. She didn’t know quite how she was going to accomplish it, but she, too, knew that she would be guiding people on their spiritual paths. When she was seven, she knew that she was supposed to meet a certain little boy in Japan when her mother told her that her family may be moving there. It turned out they relocated to Alaska instead, so it wasn’t until a quarter of century later that we met in California.

During the next quarter of a century we’ve been together – teaching and cultivating a spiritual community without walls made of kindred, loving souls from around the world.

A Spiritual Community without Walls

Raphaelle and I are here to guide you along your path of awakening as souls and to make this evolutionary process as simple and joyful as possible. We teach you how to see clearly and find meaning in your soul’s longer spiritual journey – from before birth to after death. We offer psychic tools and life mastery practices to help you fulfill your soul purpose for being here and to navigate through life in both calm and stormy weather. We provide inspiration and fresh perspective to even experienced travelers.

Above all, we offer our friendship, encouragement, compassion, healing, validation when needed, insights when useful, and lots of perspective that can only come from genuine laughter. We welcome you to join us on this great adventure of living the miracle of your soul life!

With love and gratitude,