About Raphaelle

Raphaelle Tamura

Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Clairvoyant

Each day, Raphaelle Tamura lovingly tends to the physical, psychic, and spiritual needs of everyone she encounters. As a renowned clairvoyant, spiritual healer, and teacher, she has guided seekers throughout the world for over 34 years with the wisdom she has culled from a lifetime of applying spiritual principles to daily living. Backed by her profound understanding of the relationship between one’s spiritual development and the challenges of managing daily life, she offers students and clients an array of spiritual tools and a focused path of empowerment through her Seminars, TeleSeminars, Retreat Workshops, Writing, Counseling, and Media Appearances.

A creative and inspired entrepreneur, Raphaelle, together with her husband, Michael, founded Seraphim at Mt. Shasta, the main company through which all of their spiritual teaching, healing, and media business flows. She continues to serves as its COO, while she directs and manages its main teaching events business, Michael Tamura Seminars, under which the husband-and-wife team offer their teachings. As President and Editor-in-Chief of Star of Peace Publishing, Raphaelle authors their inspiring e-monthly, The Seraphim Newsletter. To add her healing touch to their events experience and website presence, she founded and manages the Seraphim Events and Online Store.

In addition to her on-going business and spiritual work, Raphaelle discovered early on that she has the ability to communicate with animals, both domestic and wild. Her love and deeper understanding of the spiritual life of animals has inspired her to write her eagerly awaited book, Animal Reincarnation: Shanti’s Story, about her own beloved dog. In the book, Raphaelle shares her profound experiences with a dog soul, who has returned to be her faithful companion for the third time over the course of her present lifetime. She is also the author of two additional books; one on miracles and the other, a true animal stories anthology.

Today, Raphaelle lives in majestic Mt. Shasta, California, with her husband, Michael, two sibling feline companions, Mystic and Merlin, as well as Shanti, the Great Pyrenees dog.