General Information

For inquiries about seminars, classes and retreats or to find out more about us, please contact our main offices at:

Seraphim at Mt. Shasta
1420 East Roseville Parkway, Suite 140 # 108
Roseville, CA  95661
(530) 926-2650


Biographical information, photos, book cover graphics, interview topics and past appearance links and clips are available in our press kit. For interview requests and other media inquiries, please contact our office at:

(530) 926-2650

To contact us during weekends:

Speaker Inquiries

Every year Michael and Raphaelle speak, teach and lead workshops at many spiritually driven, education, and holistic health events around the world. If you are interested in having one or both of them participate in your event, please contact our offices at:
(530) 926-2650

To contact us during weekends:

Store Customer Service

For inquiries about store orders and purchases, please contact us at:
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Technical Support

If you’re having problems using our Web site, please contact our Web Master:
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*A special note to those seeking private sessions…

After giving private reading/healing sessions for more than thirty-three years, in 2007 Michael Tamura was guided to retire from this aspect of his work so that he may focus on his teaching and writing. There are no exceptions to this, so please do not write or call our office requesting a private session from him.

Raphaelle Tamura still gives private sessions occasionally, as her time permits, and is unavailable while traveling. If you would like to be added to her wait list, please call (530) 926-2650. Raphaelle’s reading sessions are two hours long ($450) and include spiritual healing and an audio download of the session (Maestro Conference for phone sessions).