2018 Big Island, HI Dolphin Cruise

Monday, July 16, 2018 Big Island, HI - Dolphin Cruise for Everyone

Join Us for a Dolphin Cruise & Swim
with Sunlight on WaterWith Michael & Raphaelle Tamura

Michael and Raphaelle

On The
Big Island of Hawaii

Monday 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Hawaiian Time

Events Description Poster w/ Michael's Message

Who May Attend: This dolphin cruise and swm is Open to Everyone.

Come Join Michael and Raphaelle two days after Michael's birthday which is also the Monday after our Weekend seminar, Monday, July 16! This is one of our all-time favorite group activities we like to create with our friends as well as our attendees of our weekend events in Hawaii. This is an OPTIONAL event but is always lots of fun! Families are welcome, but please note that children under five years old cannot be on the boat (a safety law/regulation that this company must follow.) Please, do not sign up for this unless you really are part of our group in some form or another (email Raphaelle at tamuras@sbcglobal.net if you are not sure you qualify.) 

Times: Check in at 7:30 a.m.
Cruise is 8:00 a.m. - Noon

Parking: Parking is FREE, but you have to get your ticket validated to receive free parking. We'll let you know, when you get to the conference room if we have the validation stamp or if you have to get it at the front desk.

Where to Meet: Directions to Location (parking available, but carpool if you can): Honokohau Harbor/Marina on the Big Island about ten-fifteen minutes from downtown Kailua Kona. Directions

What is included: The cruise, of course, with qualified guides to make it not only a deeply spiritual experience, but to keep it safe and correctly done. Also included is the equipment for snorkeling (if you don't bring your own), flotation devices, guides for in the water and on the boat, and of course, the cruise runs for four glorious, "endolphinating" hours to visit the waters of the wild dolphins and several snorkeling stops for your pleasure. The captain of the boat is our trusted friend, China Mike, and occasionally we will see his wonderful wife (and great friend to us, too) and partner in business with China Mike, Melainah. We have cruised many times over the years with these two friends with our groups. Also included in the cruise is plenty of food and mostly healthy snacks to keep your energy up.

Bring: Your Swimsuit, an overskirt for your suit, if you like (for after swimming), a big towel and (if you have it, though equipment is provided) your snorkel, fins, etc. I (Raphaelle) always like to wear something over my suit until I am ready to swim. It is okay to bring cameras, your purse, etc. on the boat but be aware these things, though storage is somewhat available, will be vulnerable occasionally to the wind and water-soakings. It is, after all, a boat ride in the ocean. Best to bring a minimal amount of stuff and a waterproof camera of some kind, if you like to take photos.

Cost: $100 each (we are getting a group rate and there are limited spots available. Regular price, $135 for each person). Children under 5 not allowed due to the safety regulations in Hawaii.  

To Register: Please do NOT call our office to register for this. Follow the registering protocol here: 

You will be joining the Michael Tamura Group on July 16 in the morning.

Since we are getting a group rate you must do one of the following:
1. Call Sunlight on Water at (808) 896-2480 and let them know you are joining the July 16 Michael Tamura Group.
2. Email Sunlight on Water at SunLightOnWater@gmail.com and let them know you wish to join the Michael Tamura Group on July 16 in the morning. You will be given instructions on how to pre-pay for your spot. Do NOT register through the website unless you are directed to do so.

Sunlight on Water's Webpage on Dolphin Swims:
Swim with Dolphins in Kona – Dolphin Swim Hawaii | SunlightOnWater.com

FINAL NOTE: Please let us know if there are no longer discount-priced spots available for our group on this cruise, and it is possible we might be able to get some more added if the boat is not already full. Thank you!