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"From love we are born. To love we must return. This is the journey of the soul we call life. To be who we are, to have all that is within us and to fully express our divine heritage - that is our purpose for living and the destination of our journey. Our destiny is our freedom. And the process of fulfilling our life purpose is to choose truth at every crossroads and act upon it with love." - 
Michael J Tamura
, You Are The Answer: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soulís Purpose

You Are the Answer
From Llewellyn Worldwide




For This Thanksgiving:
Survivor’s Guilt or Gratitude?
By Michael J Tamura
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Michael's 2015 Easter Message
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Complete Packet of Information for July 10 - 12 Maui Retreat including Optional Hotel Room Block info and Optional Snorkeling Trip Info
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Michael's 2014 Thanksgiving Message
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Part 1 & 2 of Michael's interview with Lisa Garr on Gaiam TV is now available, click here to preview.
See two clips from Part 1 and one clip from Part 2 below.

Level 4 of our Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose offering:
Click here for Michael's Level 4 Message

Three video clips from Michael's interviews with Lisa Garr on Gaiam TV
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Watch the full interview here: Michael discusses living your life to its full spiritual potential

Michael's Message on the SHAPE Mastery Course
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We've put together a 2013 visual calendar for the Level 4 and 5 Series and the SHAPE Mastery Course
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Michael's Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose Level 3 Second Half Letter
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Michael's visit with Lisa Garr on Gaiam TV December
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Level 3 of our Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose offering:
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Michael's article that was published in German in the Swiss magazine, Lichtwelle, in late 2012.
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Michael's debut music video, 
Playing with the Nai'a (Dolphins)
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A Level 2 Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose update letter from Michael:
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Michael's Special 4th of July Celebration Article
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Media Events, Video and Audio

Lisa Garr host of The Aware Show with Lisa Garr and Inspirations on Gaiam TV and Allan Silberhartz host of Bridging Heaven & Earth often interview Michael on their shows during the year.  Check out the interviews here:

The Aware Show with Lisa Garr & Inspirations
(membership may be necessary)

Bridging Heaven & Earth
Bridging Heaven & Earth Website
The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit, educational, tax-exempt, organization.


Michael's interviews with other hosts:

 The Virtual Lightworkers Network, you can view the video on YouTube

Listen to Michael's conversation with Sandie Sedgbeer on her BlogTalk Radio show.

"Healthy Shots with Coach Cher", to listen click here.

On Healing Powers with Lauren Powers, Michael talks about Intuition to listen here:

Dr. Rita Louise' "Just Energy Radio" an archive of the 2011 show can be found now at:

For all those who have been interested in reading Michael's 13-page Reflections on his latest heart "adventure," here is the link for "A Journey Into the Heart of Wisdom." This will be a chapter in Michael's next book, Three Times Dead and What it Taught Me, when it is published soon. Enjoy!


Snippets from Our Events Calendar,
click here for our full events calendar.


Recent Updates:

  • Level 5 has changes: The Novato Seminar Weekend on July 13 & 14 is now a required event, see the next bullet item below and the visual calendar has been updated to reflect the changes. (5/4)

  • We are canceling our Oct. 5 & 6 event in LA and having our Vermont event in its place (the Vermont event is now a required Level 5).  More info coming soon. (5/4)

  • We are coming to Zurich in September with events on the 6th, 7th and 8th. (5/4)

  • A SHAPE write-up for the May event in Novato has been posted and the June Retreat package will be there shortly...see the event calendar. (5/4)

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In June:

  • Level 4 continues on Saturdays and Mondays

  • In Chicago: The Chicago IANDS event on June 8 and a 2-Day Seminar for Everyone (also a Level 4 event) on June 15 & 16

  • SHAPE Retreat in Mt. Shasta on June 28 - 30

In July:

  • The SHAPE Mastery Course continues on Tuesdays

  • A 2-Day Seminar for Everyone on July 13 & 14 in addition is Michael's 60th Birthday Celebration in San Rafael, CA (Between SF and Novato) 

  • Level 5 begins on Saturday and Monday July 27 & 29


A SHAPE* Peek Ahead at 2013

Seers and Healers Advanced Practice Experience (SHAPE) Events have prerequisites, please see our full Events Calendar for details:

  • The SHAPE Mastery Course begins on Feb. 26 and continues until Oct. 11

  • A 2-Day Seminar weekend in Novato, CA on Mar. 23 & 24

  • A 2-Day Seminar weekend in Novato, CA on May 25 & 26

  • A Retreat in Mt. Shasta on June 28 - 30

  • A Retreat in Mt. Shasta on Oct. 18 - 20

Within the US

Yearly we travel to locations outside of California we start off our year in Colorado and then our travels take us to Arizona (this year), Illinois, Hawaii (Not in 2013), and Vermont.  Check back soon for an update to our schedule.

  • Tucson, AZ for the first time on April 3 for IANDS and a 2-Day Weekend Seminar

  • Chicago, IL in June for a IANDS and a 2-Day Weekend Seminar.

International Events:

Michael and Raphaelle will be in Switzerland in September after a great time teaching and visiting in 2012.

Click here for the full events calendar