Prices and Discounts for the Following Three Courses!

- I Can See Clearly Now: Claivoyant Development Series
(New title, Open to Everyone) Aug. 31 - Dec. 10

- Be a Lamp Unto Yourself: Insight, Wisdom & Spiritual Healing
TeleSeminar Series
(Open to Everyone) Sept. 2 - Dec. 23

- Living the Miracle One Reading at A Time: The SHAPE
Reading Skills Practicum
(For SHAPE-Qualified Members) Sept. 2 - Dec. 23

First off, if you purchase the TeleSeminars individually, the cost is $70 each, totalling $490 for seven TeleSeminars, if you buy each one, week by week.    

Here are the discount possibilities:

If buy any single entire series all at once (you cannot "mix and match" the different series), you get $70 off (buy six get the seventh for free) so then the total will be $420 for each of the series instead of $490.  This discount has no deadline but you must have it paid in full by the second TeleSeminar of any given series, preferably by the first TeleSeminar. You will get an extra $10 off the series (any of them) if you register for any single full series by Aug. 1st bringing the price of a single series from $490 to $410. 

Then if you purchase all three series together by Aug. 1st you get another $40 off along with the $10 off each one for paying early and $70 off each series for purchasing them together ($280 total off including the original discount.  Original FULL Price is $ 1,470 and with all the discounts it = $ 1,190.  To get all of these discounts you must pay by August 1st.) If you don't pay by August 1st, you still get a discount of $240 which brings your total to $ 1,230 if you purchase all three TeleSeminar Series together after Aug. 1).  

OR If you purchase two full series together by Aug. 1st, you get $25 more off (-$70 + -$70 + -$20 + -$25 = -$185 total off both series, whose original price would have been $ 980 and is now $795.  But you must pay by August 1st to get this full, generous discount.  If you pay for TWO of the TeleSeminar series AFTER Aug. 1st, you will get a discount of $160 = $ 820 for both series.) 

Please Note:  For any of these packages, one series, two or three series purchases, if a married couple or domestic partners (NOT roommates, please) purchase any of these packages together and at the same time, they get yet another $25 off the total price of their combined purchases provided the purchases are identical and made together (not $25 each but $25 off the overall total of their purchase.)