Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose
A Letter about Level 2's Second Half

Hello, Everyone!

For those of you who have been learning and practicing Level 2 of my Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose as well as for those of you who can’t wait to get started in it, we’re getting ready to launch the second half of the course on Saturday, July 28th with TeleClass #10 and #11 of the series! Thank you to all of you who have given us great feedback about your experiences so far in this 6-Level Foundation Course. I know you’ve been enjoying reviewing and practicing what you’ve learned so far in both the Level 1 and 2 classes during this 7-week break. It’s a great time to integrate the tremendous steps that you’ve already taken.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the Comprehensive Foundation Course, Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose, that I’ve developed, please click on this link: that will take you to: Michael's Introduction Letter for this Course. At the end of that page will be additional links for class topics, titles, and other details for Level 1. This is now available as a complete download self-study course. You can purchase it at this time by calling our office at 530-926-2650.

If you’ve already completed the Level 1 Classes and would like to learn more about Level 2, please read about it by clicking this link: You can still join us “live” for the second half of this course that begins on Saturday, July 28th. I’d highly recommend that you study the downloadable self-study teleclasses from the first half if you’d like to continue on with the class, live. Once I give the “live” in-person teleclasses and seminar weekends for this course, it will become a complete self-study audio course. Level 1 of the full course is on Developing Your Psychic Abilities to Live Your Soul Purpose Every Day given through 12 TeleClasses (24 Hours of Classes) and Level 2, Spiritual Practices to Begin Mastering Psychic Energy and Your Mind to Live Your Soul Purpose, consists of 18 TeleClasses and 2 Weekend Seminars.

For all my students in Level 2 who have been waiting patiently to get back in the groove of the regular classes, we’ll get to start with a bang with TeleClasses #10 and #11 on Saturday, July 28th, followed by TeleClass #12 on Tuesday, July 31st. Then, later that weekend on August 4th and 5th, we gather together in Los Angeles for our first in-person seminar weekend on How to Work With Your Dream Team to Fulfill Your Soul Purpose: Angels, Spirit Guides, and Masters of Wisdom! On Saturday, we’ll cover, Developing Your Psychic Abilities to Access Your Spiritual Assistance, Guidance, & Lessons, and on Sunday, Establishing Your Practice with Your Dream Team To Heal and Transform Your Life. Click here to read Michael's Write-Up for this event. For other details for this seminar weekend, click here and scroll down to our August events:
We’re looking forward to being with you again for the second half of this exciting new course! Keep up the good work. “See” you again on July 28th!

With gratitude, love, and laughter,